The NIGHT SHADOWS B 190 MH Vertical is the casting version of our NIGHT SHADOWS S 190 MH Vertical with the same great technical features. Easy to handle and superbly resonant for quick reading of the bottom and picking up the slightest knock or tap from a following fish. The rod has a soft tip action designed to absorb undue lure pressure and avoid pulling out of bites on the strike. Superbly versatile, the blanks will handle lures from 7 to 35g grams so you can cover more extreme conditions like deep lakes and flooded rivers. They have plenty of power in reserve and will handle strong fighting fish of any species. Built using Japanese FUJI components: Rings are Alconite micro rings whipped in a spiral pattern so the line can’t touch the blank and a FUJI SKTS skeleton reel seat. Supplied in a signature rod bag.