This hyper-realistic lure is segmented into 4 sections with a soft oversized tail. A real fish magnet that will provoke takes from all predators in any swim (weedbeds, blocks and boulders, jetties and sunken structures…). Unlike classic jointed swim baits the mouth on the Gantia is wide open. This increases water resistance and lets you feel more directly how the lure is behaving as it swims. The ABS lip is also positioned vertically and acts like a bow to help push away any weed or rubbish that might be hanging in suspension. Try working the Gantia back slowly tight to the bottom like a grazing prey fish simply by adding a double hook to the upper eyelet and a removable weight below the throat section. Even the most reticent of predators can be duped into having a go at such a natural looking bait! Available in 6 RT (Real type) colour schemes.