Irish Pollack (Lieu) on Nitro Sprat Shad 120

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Ever since its release the Nitro Sprat Shad has been of huge interest to me as it suits the terrain and style of my fishing. Recently I took a variety of 90mm and 120mm shads with me to the West coast of Ireland for some Pollack (Lieu) fishing from my small 3.8m RIB.


It was our fist time exploring this stretch of coastline so we were hugely excited to see what the potential was and also to test out the heavier versions of the Nitro Sprat Shad. I have fished the lighter 10g and 14g models from the shore before but these heavier versions would be ideal for vertically presenting over the top of structure and kelp beds - the perfect place for hungry Pollack (Lieu) to hide in wait.


We were using a Humminbird Helix 5 DI GPS, which allowed us to explore the ground and mark important or interesting pieces of structure which we then began to work with the shads.


I opted to a S 235 MH (10-40g) a lovely rod for fishing these shads and ideal for fighting strong Irish Pollack through the kelp. The set up is lovely to fish with - the rod is sensitive to every vibration from the tail and lots of power to handle big fish.


The technique was quite simple really ... it was a case of presenting the lure vertically over the top of the structure. Allowing the lure to sink to the bottom then drawing the rod up and letting the lure slowly fall to the bottom again. The Nitro Sprat Shad has a great action on the drop as the tail vibrates and the body rolls. The key was to keep in touch as the lure fell as Pollack (Lieu) love to hit lures on the drop.


We had a lot of nice fish to around 2.5kg ... not monsters for Irish waters but a great start over an area we had no fished before. It was excellent sport on the S 235 MH and what can I say ... the Nitro Sprat Shads were the perfect lure for the job. The combination of the killer rolling action, strong vibrating tail, Nitro Booster scent and the articulated head make this lure my 'go to' for most salt water predatory species.


I have some other adventures planned for the season, targeting fish in deeper water with larger lures such as the 180 Nitro Shads and Slim Shads using the S 250 XH. Hopefully the weather will allow me to get out and try these new plans and hopefully you will see more pictures of some larger fish! I am aiming for large Pollack and Cod and perhaps Ling ... we will see. The waters around North West Coast of Ireland have great feeding and the potential for some great sport on well balanced tackle.


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