Night time bass on Ammonite Shad

Actualité rédigée le 7 Sep 2015 par Steven Neely.


Most of my bass fishing takes up in goal daytime Sometimes When the terms are bright, calm and sunny I prefer to save my efforts and go nocturnal -. Hunting thesis awesome predators under the cover of darkness  -have-been Recently the bass very cautious with the sunny weather and calm-have not come close to shore in the hours of daylight making fishing very tricky.  During the day to do, like picture Above, Often Lacks are quiet and activity as the fish feel vulnerable and unsafe in the shallows. HOWEVER, at night They Will Become more confident and move in very shallow watter through the gullies and over the boulders in search for food.  I Waited up to the big spring tides corresponded with a new moon (dark skies) before Tackling this lunar landscape style.  I love you every night fishing is Heightened sense and your sense of touch ... Becomes Increased feeling every movement of the lure through the rod tip. 


The method Was very simple - I Was using a 4.5 inch Ammonite Shad  in Blue Gill (black / sparkle) rigged on jig head 12g and 15g. Reviews Reviews This was Worked Was steady, slow retrieve over the gullies. Often Would the bass take the lure just in the back wash of the surf - holding the lure in the wash and back allowing current to vibrate the tail - bang! Fish On!


I have found using dark lures at night to be very successful As They tend to give a better profile in the water ... also the wide ribbed body and aggressive paddle tail make it easier for the fish to tune in and locate the lure in the dark. Of course I also added a spray of Nitro Booster to make things a little tastier! I Spent two or three nights in a row A Few fishing with friends before the tides and the moon became smaller Began to brighten the night ... Then Went fishing quiet. It goes to show how a little careful schedule and thought can make all the difference and you must take the Opportunities When You Can.


The massive fish Were not aim it is an awesome sight Safely When You land the fish on the head and was able to remove the torch and lure you see the shining of silver bars - perfection Maybe This Will inspire you to try Some areas that you Often ignored in the daytime .. They May Produce Some Great fishing as the sun goes down.

Tight Lines.




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