Pepper Finesse Symphony S 230 L

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I have been searching for a rod for quite Some Time That Would cover my sea trout, perch and bass fishing finesse and it looks like my search is over. Released in 2016 the Illex Finesse Pepper Symphony ticks all the boxes. 

Technical Spec: 

Rating: 3-20g

Action: Fast

Weight: 115g

Guides: 10

The decription in the CatLog Stated It was designed and suited for ultra light technical Such As drop shot, light jig head and texas rigging. When I first read this I Knew the rod Would Be a serious contender for Reviews some of my lighter fishing. 

Mostly I fish with Heavier rods rated up to 30g for my salt water sea bass, pollack and wrasse. 

I Had beens using a S 198 ML for my perch goal I felt It was too short and Did not offer enough range ...

I received my new Finesse Symphony at the Beginning of February and as soon as I Took it out of the box I feel in love. The Action Was crisp and sharp yet extremely sensitive When I fed a line through it. 

I finally got some better weather to take it out for A Few casts and try the work out with a handful of burns. I rigged the rod with 2500 sized Daiwa Aegis. 

Was my target sea trout - I would be fished a mixture of beach marks and Some strong tidal current flowing in small bays. The weather was very cold and bright and ALTHOUGH I did not land Any fish, It was a great opportunity to test the rod With Some lures. 

I Was impressed how far it cast smaller plugs like the Tricorol 83HW and has aussi ranks of smaller metal jigs around 5g - 14g ... they cast for miles!

The best results cam When using the Nitro Shad 90 rigged was Jig Head 7g Nitro - This match was perfect, the rod and lure Worked in perfect harmony. 


Using a mixture of linear and slow retreive sink and draw I Could feel every movement of the tail through the tip and the blank thanks to the TVST reel seat! (A nice feature in the new ranks of rods.) The light work will be ideal for calming the head shakes of sea trout and perch and the Fast Action means clustering it will be really responsive with every twitch of the tip.


I am really looking forward to the rest of the season and catching Some better sized fish with this rod. 

My next trips will be Most Likely for Some perch and from Spring time onwards I will try and Do Some finesse fishing for sea bass using weightless soft lures and light jig heads. 

I have a feeling this rod will come with me on every trip for When I Need qui year approach is a little more finesse and delicate. I shot for Some stalking trips aorund the edges of estuaries for Sea Bass later in the season with this rod!


Tight Lines. 

Steven Neely 


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