The PEPPER B 215 ML Magic Wand certainly lives up to its name! This updated version is 5cm longer and a shade over 5% more powerful. Great for finesse tactics for percidae species (perch, zander, etc.). Being ultra-light, fast and responsive, this is the perfect rod for all situations demanding precision and sensitivity. Developed for small to medium-sized lures and plugs. Topwater : WATER MOCCASSIN 75, BONNIE 85, CHATTERBEAST 70, etc.; Minnow : SQUAD MINNOW 65 SP, SQUIRREL 61, DD67 & 79, BATTLE MINNOW 80 F & SP; Crankbaits : CHUBBY series, CHERRY 10 CC, DIVING CHERRY 48, etc.; Light Spinnerbait : CRUSHER JR. 10g, etc.; Blade Jig : CRAZY CRUSHER JR. 7G & 10G, etc.; Light Buzzing, etc. The action is perfect for power finesse tactics with soft baits (Light Drop Shot, Light Texas, Split Rig, Neko Rig, Ned Rig and light linear fishing). Built using new X5 high quality blanks incorporating prepreg carbon set at three different angles to reduce weight and increase responsiveness for fantastic feel and ultimate fishing pleasure. Features FUJI TORZITE TITANIUM K rings to eliminate frap-ups, reduce weight, increase responsiveness and prolong line life. Supplied with a rigid Cordura protective tube and signature rod bag.