The inspiration for the PEPPER S 2602 M SILVER BULLET comes directly from Japanese shore bass anglers. The lightweight ultra-sensitive blank is perfect for tactile asp fishing tactics, for example. The right length for punching out soft baits on light jig heads or Texas and weightless set-ups. Great for working plugs like the CHATTERBEAST 90, STREAM RIPPER 75 & 90, BONNIE 85 & 95, RISER BAIT 008, ARNAUD, RERANGE 110, WATER MONITOR, etc. This PEPPER is built on a top quality X5 blank incorporating prepreg carbon set at three different angles to reduce weight and increase responsiveness without sacrificing power. Fitted with light and thin FUJI K guides. These guides cut out any risk of frap-ups, add distance to every cast and help your lines last longer. The VSS reel seat is comfortable and secure when working a lure or playing big fish. Supplied in a signature rod bag and a rigid Cordura protective tube.