The TN 38 TRIGON is the tiny version of our famous lipless crankbait. Featuring all the great fish catching features that have made the TN TRIGON series so popular, notably the oversized teardrop lead coupled with the clever 'Out Metal System' tungsten weight fitted at the mouth. Being so dense, tungsten helps to read the bottom cleanly. Perfect for distance casting and getting the lure down quickly in the water column. The TN TRIGON is a great prospecting lure capable of reaching depths other plug baits can’t manage. The weight system and size of lure let you fish very slowly across the bottom with less risk of snagging. Can also be fished classically on straight retrieves at different speeds, mixing it up with twitches and jerks. The TN 38 TRIGON has the distinctive deep resonance in the water that is characteristic of all TN lures. This new smaller size is ideal for targeting perch, zander, asp, chub, black bass and trout on lakes and rivers.