Our TRICOROLL VIB has revolutionised game fishing on medium to large-sized rivers, natural lakes and reservoirs. The hydrodynamic and dense body guarantees the TRICOROLL VIB casts a long way and cuts through water with ease getting down to the bottom layers quickly. Great for deeper venues and scraping bottom on deep rivers casting ¾ upstream and working down a swim. Lipless crankbaits are also perfect for traction style fishing covering lots of water quickly trying to locate fish. Works well on straight retrieves but can be twitched or jerked to break things up. Available in 2 sizes. The TRICOROLL VIB has an innovative external weight in eco-friendly bismuth-tin that rewrites the rule book on game fishing lures. Great for targeting brownies, rainbows, sea trout, char and other game species found in European waters. Ideal for targeting asp on rivers like the Rhine, Meuse and Moselle when asp get fixated on gobies or any other bottom-dwelling prey.