New size of the FREDDY CATWALK, our legendary silent 2-section glidebait. Perfect for targeting pike, big perch and black bass. Designed for smaller waterways, tricky conditions or wary, lure-shy fish. This compact lure suits any medium-heavy spinning or baitcasting set up. Distinctive “S” shaped swimming action on straight retrieves can be amplified by twitching to the left or right or made more seductive by the occasional stop and go movement. Two integrated rolling 30lb swivels rotate a full 360 degrees helping reduce snagging up and keep your hooks in place during acrobatic fights. This dense lure casts a long way accurately and is ideal for prospecting shallow bays and fishing round weed beds, structures and tree-lined banks. To make the lure even more versatile try adding a JOHN WEIGHT on the stomach swivel to explore deeper water layers.