The new version of the CHATTER BEAST 110 certainly makes a splash! Originally developed for sea bass anglers we have redesigned the lure to give it a wider appeal. We have made the body bulkier to generate more movement in the water and have integrated a 1mm stainless steel wire thru system to secure the hooks. This lure is strong enough to tackle freshwater tropical species like aymara and peacock bass and well as sea species like barracuda, tuna and small trevally. The unique attraction of this surface stickbait comes from two metal beads that are held in a specially designed prism cavity. The beads bounce of the multiple grooves creating deep vibrations and plenty of visual attraction as light passes through the prism. This double attraction of light and sound will provoke instinctive takes from sea bass, of course, but also perch, black bass, asp and pike. Great bait for creating some surface commotion!