The ILLEX team wanted to complete the STREAM RIPPER range with this larger 11cm model designed to select bigger fish. This sinking pencilbait has all the same great fish catching features synonymous with the range. Hyper-dense sinking lure that can be launched a long way even into the wind. From the bank or a boat the STREAM RIPPER 110 can get to spots a long way off, so fish are not spooked as you approach. Perfect on European coastal waters targeting sea bass, pollock and bonito but equally good in light tropical situations where trevally, tarpon and small tuna might be the target. The STREAM RIPPER will naturally sit just sub-surface and has a sinuous swimming action that stays stable even in strong currents. Twitch the bait to create erratic sideways darts then try pauses where it sits perfectly horizontal and sinks slowly oscillating gently. Works well on big lakes, rivers and reservoirs where big pike are the target.