Code name: RB70. The RUNNER BLADE family is expanding with a junior version! The result of a bespoke design, this 70mm version opens up new horizons for light sea and freshwater fishing. Perfect for linear retrieves in open water when fish are focused on small prey and for yo-yoing above the bottom over known fish holding spots. Fitted with 3 attachment points and a distinctive noise attraction, the BLADE RUNNER 70 will find a place in any lure box! The first eye position will fish down to the depths of 1. 50 metres. The second covers depths between 2 and 3 metres whilst the third position suits vertical yo-yo style tactics. This new bite-sized model will trigger takes from sea predators like sea bass, bonito, mackerel and Spanish mackerel. In freshwater perch, black bass, pike, zander and asp are the likely targets. This vibrating blade lure will trigger takes when others fail and will work all season long!