The JUNGLE BLASTER is our eagerly awaited first ILLEX rubber jig! During the two years in development, every detail has been perfected. This go-anywhere rubber jig is destined to be a favourite for snag pits like weed beds, sunken trees and lily pads. The eco-friendly Bismuth-Tin head is shaped like a ball on the upper section with the base shaped like a boat hull with cheeks on the side that keep the lure stable in the water. The perfect shape to be skipped deep round snags and obstacles. Developed mainly for pike and black bass but equally good for big perch and small catfish. The JUNGLE BLASTER is armed with a strong wire 4/0 hook preceded by a brush whose rigidity has been carefully controlled to get the right anti-snag effect. The top-quality silicone skirt brings plenty of life to the bait and the guard trailer will take whatever soft bait you decide to use. We recommend the MAGIC CRAW 80 and 115, the DEXTER EEL 150 and the DEXTER SHAD 110 and 150 all of which will increase vibrations and volume perfectly.