Our MAGIC TUNGSTEN ROUND HEAD series are jig heads developed for linear fishing with soft baits. We have designed the trailer guards and hook size of each of the sizes to optimise the feel of the head and the placement of your lure to increase your bite to catch ratio and get more fish on the bank! The weight is made from an eco-friendly 'Pure Tungsten' alloy that is denser than lead and lets you read the bottom better. The low centre of gravity perfectly balances even the smallest soft baits in the water. We have selected first-class wide gape hooks that are ultra-sharp and strong. On the smaller sizes, we have included a drop of red epoxy resin to help secure your lure in a way that does not damage the rubber. The UV red colour also acts as a trigger for following fish. In the sizes from 3.5 g upwards, a small metal lug helps hold the lure in place.