Our ELEMENT RIDER X5 S 2252 M YELLOW FLOW is a two-piece rod developed for light power fishing for sea bass. The action is perfect for casting and controlling surface plugs like BONNIE 85 and 95, RISER BAIT 006 and 008 or the CHATTERBEAST 90 and 110, subsurface lures such as WATER MONITOR 85 and 95 or the STREAM RIPPER 75 and 90. Great for minnows like the SQUAD MINNOW 95, ARNAUD 100 et 110 F, RERANGE 110 and 130, or the BATTLE MINNOW 135 and the RUNNER BLADE 70 or 90. The versatile action is equally at home fishing finesse styles such as weightless, straight line jig heads and Carolina or Texan rigs. The length is ideal for casting light lures a long way whilst controlling the descent and during the retrieve. This ELEMENT RIDER is built on our new X5 high quality blanks incorporating prepreg carbon set at three different angles to reduce weight and increase responsiveness without sacrificing power. Features FUJI SIC K guides to eliminate frap-ups no matter what the weather. The VSS reel seat is comfortable to fish with and play fish on. Supplied with a Cordura protective tube and signature rod bag.