The ELEMENT RIDER S 2402 MH-H YELLOW SHOT is a remarkably versatile two-piece rod. Designed for intensive hard lure fishing from the bank or a boat with topwater plugs (BONNIE 95, 107 and 128; CHATTERBEAST 110), subsurface lures (WATER MONITOR 85 and 95, STREAM RIPPER 90 and 110), jerkbait minnows (RERANGE 110 and 130, BATTLE MINNOW 135 SP) and long bill minnows (SUPER DD SQUIRREL 115). At 2m40 long the semi-parabolic action and handle length enhance casting performance. Anglers who appreciate light rods with a smooth, progressive action will love this model for bass fishing with blade baits or soft baits like the 120 and 150 NITRO SHAD on 18 to 28g NITRO heads. Perfect for targeting pike and zander when distance casting with soft baits is required. This ELEMENT RIDER is built using new X5 high quality blanks incorporating prepreg carbon set at three different angles to reduce weight and increase responsiveness for fantastic feel and ultimate fishing pleasure. Fitted with light FUJI SIC K guides. These guides cut out any risk of frap-ups. New VSS reel seat for improved grip. Supplied in a signature rod bag and a rigid Cordura protective tube.