The ELEMENT RIDER S 2154 MH GLOBE TROTTER is a four-piece travel rod designed for heavy spinning tactics targeting pike from the bank or sea bass from boats. It will also handle light tropical fishing. Fast actioned blank suited to discrete straight lining and traction styles with soft baits on jig heads from 7 to 21g. Ideal with the NITRO SHAD 90 or 120, NITRO SLIM SHAD 110, MAGIC SLIM SHAD 4 or 5, MAGIC FAT SHAD 5, MAGIC FINESSE SHAD 5 or the DEXTER SHAD 110. Equally at home with surface baits like the BONNIE, CHATTERBEAST, RISER BAIT 008, WATER MONITOR or STREAM RIPPER. For plug fishing we advise the ARNAUD, SQUAD MINNOW, DD SQUIRREL or RERANGE 110. This ELEMENT RIDER is built on our new X5 high quality blanks incorporating prepreg carbon set at three different angles to reduce weight and increase responsiveness without sacrificing power. Features FUJI K guides to eliminate frap-ups no matter what the weather. The new TVST reel seat has a V shaped profile that sits perfectly in your hand increasing accuracy when casting and is cut away at the sides to give you more feel from the blank. Supplied with a Cordura protective tube and signature rod bag.