The NITRO S 2402 M-MH TENYA SPECIAL is a two-piece rod designed for targeting sea bream species (black bream, dorado, porgies, etc.) or big pollock, sea bass and cod using Tenya jigs. The blank has the perfect action for precision fishing with soft baits (NITRO SHAD 65 & 90, NITRO SLIM SHAD 110) on jig heads from 14 to 42gr. Solid tip for great bite detection and the resonant blank helps to read the bottom. Parabolic action to soak up rushes and minimise the chance of hook pulls and line breaks on lighter gear. 2m40 is the perfect length for distance fishing, combining casting power with the ability to precisely control lures, read the bottom and detect bites. Features the latest Fuji components including FUJI ALCONITE K guides to eliminate frap-ups, reduce weight, increase responsiveness and prolong line life. The VSS reel seat is comfortable whilst working lures and gives great hold and control when playing hard fighting fish. Supplied with a signature rod bag.