The NITRO S 210 M SILVER SCALE has been specially designed for light sea fishing from boats. Particularly well suited to surface and sub-surface plug (BONNIE 95, RISER BAIT 008, CHATTERBEAST 90 & 110), shallow-water plugs (WATER MONITOR 85 and 95, BATTLE MINNOW 80, STREAM RIPPER 75 and 90, ARNAUD 100, RERANGE 110 SP, SQUIRREL 79 SP) and Blade Baits (RUNNER BLADE 90). Its action is also recommended for fine and discreet fishing with soft lures (MAGIC FINESSE SHAD 4 and 5, NITRO SHAD 90, NITRO SLIM SHAD 110, MAGIC SLIM SHAD 4 and 5, MAGIC FAT SHAD 5, DEXTER SHAD 110). Its short butt favours short fishing, which requires precision and discretion (weed beds, oyster parks and rocks). Without doubt, the ideal rod for kayakers and a formidable weapon for boat anglers who don't need to cast far. Featuring the latest FUJI components. FUJI ALCONITE K guides eliminate the risk of frap-ups and the VSS reel seat is comfortable to fish with and play fish on. Supplied in a signature rod bag.