The NITRO S 210 MH BLUE LIGHTNING is a versatile lure rod for sea boat fishing. Developed specifically for sea bass and pollock anglers using hard baits from 10 to 35g; surface lures (BONNIE 95, 107 and 128, RISER BAIT 008, CHATTERBEAST 110); plugs (WATER MONITOR 95, STREAM RIPPER 90 and 110, RERANGE series), Blade Bait lures (RUNNER BLADE 90 and 115) or soft lures up to 25g (NITRO SHAD 90 and 120, NITRO SLIM SHAD 110 and 150, MAGIC SLIM SHAD 5 and 7, DEXTER SHAD 110), also perfect for presenting your NITRO SLIM SHAD 180 vertically in 20 to 30 metres of water or using jigs up to 120g. Featuring the latest FUJI components. FUJI ALCONITE K guides eliminate the risk of frap-ups and the VSS reel seat is comfortable to fish with and play fish on. Supplied in a signature rod bag.