The NITRO S 2802 MH-H ROCK WALKER is a two-piece sea rod specifically designed for casting from the shore. Powerful yet sensitive and light this well-balanced rod will cast out your favourite surface lures (BONNIE 95, 107 and 128, RISER BAIT 008, CHATTERBEAST 110 and 145); plugs (WATER MONITOR 95, STREAM RIPPER 90 and 110, ARNAUD series, RERANGE series), your casting jigs, your soft lure rigged on heads up to 45g (NITRO SHAD 90, 120 and 150, NITRO SLIM SHAD 110 and 150, MAGIC SLIM SHAD 5 and 7, DEXTER SHAD 110) or your rig (bombette or water bubble) at very long range. Its fast tip action is ideal for transmitting the slightest animation, feeling the vibrations of your lure or relaying the slightest information. Its power reserve is ideal for mastering the fight of a nice sea bass. Featuring the latest FUJI components. FUJI ALCONITE K guides eliminate the risk of frap-ups and the VSS reel seat is comfortable to fish with and play fish on. Supplied in a signature rod bag.