The STREAM MASTER S 1603 L LITTLE CREEK is a three-piece light and ultra-light rod designed for smaller game species. Versatile rod designed for light trout fishing using small minnows, small crankbaits (TINY FRY 38/50, TRICOROLL 47/55, CHUBBY MINNOW and CHUBBY) and small soft baits (MAGIC SLIM SHAD 2, MAGIC MAY FLY 2.6) fished on a MAGIC TUNGSTEN MICRO ROUND head. You can also try floating insect baits like the WOODLOUSE or spinners and spoons (APEED, NATIVE SPOON 2 & 3.5g) or micro-spinner lures like the STREAM ROLLER 4g. The action is perfect for twitching plugs and spoons and will cast light lures accurately. Our STREAM MASTER team recommend this rod for use on streams and small to medium rivers. Features the latest Japanese components including FUJI ALCONITE K guides to eliminate frap-ups, reduce weight, increase responsiveness and prolong line life. Supplied with a signature rod bag and a classy transport tube designed to be stowed away when hiking to remote fishing spots like mountain streams, gorges, upland lochs and wild camping/fishing trips.