The STREAM MASTER S 1603 ML LITTLE CANYON is a three-piece rod designed for river game fishing. The fast action blank is perfect for jerking larger plugs (TRICOROLL RYUSHIN and FLAT TRICOROLL). Suits fast flowing water and is great for seeking out trout holed up behind boulders, next to snags or undercut banks. The rod can stabilise a lure and stop it drifting and keep your line high when casting ¾ downstream. Even very fast water will not saturate the blank or pull your lure off track. This ability to keep a lure stable suits a variety of jerking movements with pauses in between. There is enough power through the blank to tackle big trout or chub in the fastest of flows. Our Stream Master team recommend this rod for use on small to medium rivers and upland torrents. Features the latest Japanese components including FUJI ALCONITE K guides to eliminate frap-ups, reduce weight, increase responsiveness and prolong line life. Supplied with a signature rod bag and a classy transport tube designed to be stowed away when hiking to remote fishing spots like mountain streams, gorges, upland lochs and upland wild camping/fishing trips.