Designed for targeting bigger trout on medium to large rivers, the STREAM MASTER S 2102 ML TROUT OPPORTUNIST is the most versatile rod in the range. Featuring a solid carbon tip and plenty of reserve power this rod can cast dense lures like TRICOROLL sinking minnows (sizes 50-80mm) a long way and hold them out in powerful currents. The solid tip is sensitive at the point and builds up power progressively making easy work of casting small minnows or softbaits like our MAGIC SLIM SHAD 2 on a light jighead or 5-10g spoons like the NATIVE SPOON. The ultra-light high modulus TORAY blank coupled with the solid tip can handle hard fighting fish from trout and asp to barbel and even salmon! Built using the finest Japanese FUJI components including FUJI ALCONITE K anti-frap rings. Supplied in a signature rod bag.