The STREAM MASTER S 2502 ML-M GRAND RIVER is a two-piece rod made to targeting big trout on large rivers. The length and action work together to create the perfect tool for fishing plugs (TRICOROLL RYUSHIN 70 SHW, SQUAD MINNOW 65 SP, SQUIRREL 79 SP, BATTLE MINNOW 80 SP, STREAM RIPPER 75 and 90) targeting big game fish on wide rivers. Will handle dense lures such as spoons (NATIVE SPOON 7, 9 and 14g), casting jigs (SILVER SHADE or MICRO SLOW LAZY JIG), and soft baits for meticulously bouncing them across the bottom (MAGIC SLIM SHAD 3 and 4, NITRO SHAD 65 and 90). These key attributes are also perfect for targeting asp and Baltic sea trout from boats, float tubes or kayaks or hiking to high altitude lakes looking for char and trout or fishing fresh run Atlantic sea trout and salmon. Features the latest Japanese components including FUJI ALCONITE K guides to eliminate frap-ups, reduce weight, increase responsiveness and prolong line life. Supplied with a signature rod bag.