The DERABALL is a hybrid sot bait crossed between a crank and a shad that is best described as a swimbait. Designed to imitate a range of prey, this small compact ball casts brilliantly and is designed for skipping round obstacles. When worked back on straight retrieves the seductive swimming action is sure to stimulate interest from any predators holed up in weed beds, lily pads, bankside snags or sunken trees. Originally designed for shallow water fishing there is nothing to stop you adding a tungsten ball to get it down deeper. The “Line Thru” attachment system runs your leader through a plastic tube, so the lure is free to slide up the line when a fish is on. The DERABALL features an ingenious rigging system. It is supplied with a top-quality treble hook with two prongs whipped onto the shank for attaching the hook to the lure and a rolling swivel so the hook can turn a full 360° eliminating the chance of hook pulls when a fish is on.