The SWING MIKEY 72 is a small hard swimbait with a three-piece articulated body and small lip for fishing just sub-surface. The body profile resembles a small prey fish like roach, rudd, small bream or carp but could equally be a small perch, black bass or sun perch. The fluttering swimming action is a mix of wobbling and rolling generating a frenetic and irresistible attraction that works when fished slowly as a wake bait or faster on stop and go straight retrieves. The flat tail section exaggerates the rolling action and looks very natural. The rear section also has an eye to attach a feather or small blade teaser for extra attraction. Gives off a deep noise attraction that is augmented by the clicks from the articulated body sections. The SWING MIKEY 72 is a lure designed for medium light fishing targeting a range of species like pike, perch, black bass, chub or trout.