The SEABASS ANCHOVY METAL is a versatile jug that can be fished either inshore or offshore and over wrecks for bass and pollock and other marine predators like bonito, tuna, or sea bream. The classic profile and compact body suit a rage of tactics and retrieves from vertical jigging, slow jigging to classic jigging with a wide sliding action and fast drops or back slides with a bit of swing. The SEABASS ANCHOVY METAL is very mobile, highly reflective and wobbles at the slightest movement. Mix up your retrieves with accelerations and short pauses and be ready for some violent takes! The realistic body shape is complemented by a large target eye and great details around the gills. The SEABASS ANCHOVY METAL is fitted with a double assist hook in the tail. Available in three sizes: 60g, 80g and 100g.