The MOMOUSE results from a collaboration with our Pro Staff member Morgan Calu, hence the name MO-MOUSE. This mini wakebait is designed to be taken for a small rodent. The ABS body imitates a small mouse and features a supple, mobile tail and a stainless-steel bead to help with distance casting. The chunky body and small lip generate a distinctive wobbling action giving of strong vibrations. Designed first and foremost to be fished slowly as a mini wakebait on or just below the surface, creating a distinctive wake like a small rodent who has accidentally fallen in and is struggling to swim back to the bank. It can also be fished back fast with the rod held low to provoke a reaction take from following fish. The wave created on the surface coupled with the vibrations through the water trigger the feeding instinct in predators like perch, pike, trout, black bass and chub. A great lure for fishing in restricted spots, like small rivers, round obstacles or stone groynes or tight to the bank. A lure that is both fun and effective to fish with and ideal from the bank or a boat on a light to medium-light set up.