The SILVER SHADE is a small casting jig made from an eco-friendly Tungsten composite alloy. Compact and dense enough to be cast a long way, the SLVER SHADE has an S-shaped profile that works during all phases of a retrieve and at all water levels. The lure responds to twitches and jerks and there is no need to force the rod to get plenty of movement. When vertical fishing for perch and zander try pausing or releasing the lure to get an enticing fluttering effect on the drop. If you are chasing sea predators (sea bass, mackerel, bonito) or after asp or Baltic sea trout, for example, the lure can be fished back fast generating a supple, swinging action that will provoke reaction takes from predators chasing fry. Designed to fish zones where other lures can’t reach, for example, high altitude lakes where trout and char sit deep at long range. The prototype lure was used by Team Illex anglers to good effect in the Salmo Trek 2021 competition and again in the 2022 edition! A must-have lure for any travelling angler!